Four QuickBooks Automation Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Whatever accounting software businesses use to manage their financial data, they can benefit from knowing about the latest QuickBooks automation features.

Businesses using QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Online can leverage automation to save valuable time and streamline their financial processes.

From Salesforce and QuickBooks integration apps to comprehensive automation features offered for other apps, these four QuickBooks automation capabilities represent a must-know for any business.

1. Prebuilt Salesforce and QuickBooks Online Automations

When integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks, businesses can get up and running quickly with prebuilt automation features.

Breadwinner offers powerful, live, two-way syncing between QuickBooks and Salesforce, including Invoice Status Tracking and Address Sync. The Breadwinner for QuickBooks features and benefits include:

  • Generating QuickBooks invoices from within QuickBooks initiated via an Account, Opportunity, Order, or custom object
  • Pre-populating the invoices from Salesforce records and their child records
  • Pulling data from default fields or set fields such as due date, discounts, price, tax rates, and QuickBooks custom fields
  • Identifying and immediately resolving address differences between Salesforce and QuickBooks

Workato also offers useful prebuilt automation between Salesforce and QuickBooks online. Their most popular app involves the integration enabled Salesforce Closed-Won opportunities to create the QuickBooks invoice.

Salesforce consulting services offered by companies like Plative, Destined, Cloud Trailz, and Ignyto to help businesses ensure they have a solid automation strategy.

All of these prebuilt automation features save valuable time for teams working with Salesforce and QuickBooks. 

Businesses can learn more about Salesforce and QuickBooks integration features on the Breadwinner for QuickBooks page

2. Connect QuickBooks Online with Thousands of Apps

Businesses that need robust QuickBooks Online automation features should rest assured that they will not have trouble finding a wide range of connectivity options. Businesses using QuickBooks Online can maximize their ability to connect their QuickBooks data to a wide range of apps. Zapier, for example, allows businesses to instantly connect QuickBooks Online with over 2,000 apps.

With QuickBooks automation as the goal, the ability to integrate with thousands of apps gives businesses the power to automate their workflow and streamline productivity. As a premier iPaaS, Celigo proposes that they can integrate QuickBooks with anything — and they even offer a number of integration apps and quickstart templates for QuickBooks. 

3. Workflows for QuickBooks Online Advanced

Businesses using QuickBooks Online Advanced can use QuickBooks’ workflows to automate tasks with routines. This feature allows businesses to save time on repetitive tasks by automating custom workflows for either customers or internal financial teams.

For example, they can automate mundane tasks like sending payment reminders to customers, or they can notify the accounts payable team regarding vendor payment due dates.

Note: QuickBooks deprecated the ability to automate tasks (also known as “routines”) as a QuickBooks feature on January 9, 2020, and only offers it for businesses using the QuickBooks Online Advanced plan.

4. Salesforce and QuickBooks Automation for Invoices

Customer onboarding in Salesforce can be a drawn-out process. Therefore, businesses using Breadwinner integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Enterprise should automate a couple of time-saving invoice creation processes.

A user can automatically generate a QuickBooks invoice from within Salesforce based on an Account, Opportunity, Order, or any custom object.

The invoice creation process can also be kept lean by pre-populating QuickBooks invoices based on Salesforce records and their child records. These invoice automation features can prove to be very intuitive and easy to use!

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