3 Vital Things To Consider When Choosing A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Like most business owners, you’ve probably signed your business up for some form of social media platform. However, have you selected the right platform for your business? Or, if you haven’t signed up, what factors do you need to consider when choosing a social media to market your business both paid and organically. Here are a few things for you to consider.

1 – Your Audience’s Demographics

Many businesses will opt for Facebook when marketing, however, you need to consider your audience’s behaviours. Different social media platforms have different user demographics. For example, 51% of 50 to 65 year-olds use Facebook, but only 23% of people in that age group use Instagram. Instagram is generally seen to have a younger demographic. So, make sure your audience’s demographics match the social media you choose. 

2 – Your Prefered Content-Type

Now that you consider when you’ll find your audience, you have to consider what kind of content you want to generate. Are you going to upload photos, videos or text posts? Facebook and Instagram generally favour image and video posts, while Twitter is more text-based. Tik Tok, on the other hand, focuses on short-form video. What content do you intend to use? If you’re going to stick to text, Twitter might be right. However, images are better on Instagram. 

3 – Your Marketing Goals

When choosing a social media platform, you will also want to consider your marketing goals. Different social media platforms work best for specific purposes. Instagram, for example, is great for engaging existing customers. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is about being a thought leader. So, think about your brand and what you’re trying to achieve with your social media marketing. 

Need help setting up your social media profile?

Hopefully, after reading through these considerations, you have a better idea of which social media is right for your marketing. However, if you’re still struggling, or need help optimising the social media platform you chose, get in touch with our friendly team. At Web Basic, we’re experts of all things digital marketing and websites. And if you want more assistance choosing the right social media platform, check out Social Media Today’s Infographic

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