3 Reasons You Should Be Using WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management system available. More than 39% of the websites are built on WordPress. However, as you’ve probably heard, size isn’t everything. So why should you use WordPress? 

1 – You don’t have to pay for it

If you’re the frugal sort, you’ll be glad to hear WordPress is completely free. It costs nothing to download and install WordPress on your website. Simply go to WordPress.org/download to get started. Hosting companies, or WordPress.com, will charge you to use options with their builders. However, with WordPress, the only costs involved are your domain name (which you have to pay for no matter what), hosting and optional addons like themes. The costs of which are highly competitive, and as cheap as a few dollars a month for smaller websites. 

2 – WordPress is very customisable

No matter what type of website you’re looking to build, WordPress can be easily adapted for your purpose. Whether you’re a shop, a blog, a podcast, or a non-for-profit, WordPress has a plethora of themes and plugins available to make the website work perfectly for your needs. Plus, themes and plugins can be customised for your needs. WordPress can be used for whatever website you have in mind.

3 – Google Loves WordPress

One of the challenges with running a website is getting seen on Google; however, WordPress websites are liked by Google. Since WordPress code is high-quality, which search engines love, WordPress websites perform well on search engines. 

Still not sure if WordPress us right for you?

These are just 3, of many, reasons you should consider building your website on WordPress. However, if you’re still not sure, get in contact with the team at Web Basic. We will use our expertise to help you build the website of your dreams. 

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