3 More Reasons You Should Be Using WordPress

A few months ago, we looked at three reasons you should consider using WordPress. However, there is a vast array of reasons you should use WordPress. So, here are some more reasons to convince you.

1 – WordPress is made simple to manage

Many people may find the WordPress dashboard overwhelming at first, but it makes managing your website easy. Themes, pages, plugins, posts, and more are organised in simple to manage lists. So, if you want to organise your content, or search for an old page, or update your themes and plugins, you can do so easily, and in bulk, using these lists. You can even add Custom Post Types for post types WordPress doesn’t already supply. Whatever website your manage, WordPress will make your life easy. 

2 – WordPress is secure

WordPress is not only easy to secure it’s designed with security in mind. The internet is full of hackers and people who would happily take precious data from your website. Luckily, WordPress has a plethora of security plugins to make your life easy. Sucuri and WordFence are just two of many great security plugins for WordPress. You can also use two-factor authentication, login attempt limits, and several other features to keep your website safe. 

3 – WordPress can use all sorts of media

WordPress doesn’t just use text and HTML, it also has a media uploader that can show images, audio files and even videos. Whatever marketing and design materials you have, you can get them working in WordPress. Plus, for further media, and social media, you can embed from third-party sources such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. So, WordPress offers plenty of media options. 

Want more WordPress advice?

Between this blog and our last blog, you may be considering WordPress for your website. However, if you’re still not sure, contact our friendly team for advice. We’ll help you design the ideal website for your business. Contact Web Basic today.

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