SEO is the practice of making your website visible to major search engines.  It is a constant process.  A website must have relevant and useful information at all times in order to increase its rank on the search engine database.  Search engines are constantly changing how they choose results for a searcher, and so too must the owner of a site.  Content has to be layered in a way that the search engine will find it, and understand it.

When you decided to create a website, your goal is to get as much traffic going to your site.  This is because you want more people to learn about you and your company.  You’re seeking more sales, or more clients.  You must have a website that has pertinent content in order to attract more visitors.

When using SEO, these are some of the aspects that you use to optimize your site:

–          Including words and/or phrases that bring traffic to your site

–          Building links and marketing ideas that show the uniqueness of your site

–          You want to make your site friendly to a search engine

Words and Phrases

Content is the most important aspect of a site. We tailor your site around specific words and phrases.  These words and phrases must pertain to your industry, business or topic.  We help you generate important information that is useful to searchers seeking answers in your industry.

Building Links and Marketing Ideas

A website’s relevance is gauged by who is linking to the site.  You want your site to have important, useful, and educative information about your industry.  This helps to add value to your site, and make it more popular.

Making your Site User Friendly to Search Engines

We help you create a website design that is visible to a search engine.  There are aspects of your site that may remain invisible due to poor planning of pages and links.  We analyze your site; find out which pages are not showing up on a search engine.  We then help you link them to allow visibility.

SEO is an important aspect of your website.  Your goal is to get more people visiting your site, to learn about your products or services.  Other times to know your business or find out information.  Each word on your page has to be relevant and useful.

We work to create content that will allow you to reach a wider audience.  SEO can help you target a specific niche, and in so doing, you reach more people than you would if you’re writing without SEO.


  • Matt Storms June 26, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Great basic SEO knowledge from +Maile Ohye.

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    In addition to several new videos on the Google Webmaster Academy, +Maile
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