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Pay Per Click Services are considered a form of advertisement.  When you do a search query on a search engine, you’ll find links that appear first.  They’re usually highlighted with a different color and read paid Ad.  On your browser, you’ll find them at the top of a search query answer or on the sides of the page.  Companies may choose this form of SEO targeting because it gets more results.  The company is able to reach more people and it’s guaranteed someone will find their links.

Pay per Click Services are determined by four factors.  Before you consider pursuing pay per click services it is important to sit down and plan out the following:

–          Your budget or your business’s budget is the number one key factor.  You have to know how much you’re willing to spend before you make the ad.  This factor is determined by how much money you’re making, what is available to you, and if the ad will benefit you in any way.  Budgeting is important in life, make sure you find a plan that won’t put you in financial constrains.

–          When you’re sure of your budget, we sit down with you for a brainstorming session.  This session is used to write out a list of keywords.  The keywords chosen are important as they determine when your ad will show up in answer to a search query.  We’re careful to choose keywords that address your industry, topic or product.  Our staff does the research to get you the most competitive keywords available.

–          After you’ve determined your budget, and the keywords to use in your advertisement, our staff helps you come up with an efficient advertisement.  We’re careful to stick to search engines regulations.  We come up with unique copy for your ads.  A good ad gets people clicking on it to get more information.

–          When the advertisement is live, we utilize a review function that measures how well the ad is doing.  This review tool lets us know if we’re reaching the target audience.  How often the users click on the ad and the information they’re seeking to find.

Pay per click services are not economical, you need a budget to handle this expense.  Compared to results from an organic search, most people will often ignore the pay per click results.  This is because for a long time the trend was to mistrust these links.  Lately, this trend is changing and more people click the pay per click ads to get quick relevant information.


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