Google Penalty Recovery


SEO marketing is mostly a positive exercise meant to get more traffic to your site.  If done well, it can gain you a large audience and new clients or customers to buy your product or services.  It can also increase the conversation and awareness if you’re running an information site.  But, SEO also has a downside.  If done wrong, search engines penalize the site, and you find your ranking plummeting due to this.  Our staff is constantly working to improve the algorithms our clients use to reach relevant information.  These algorithms also analyze the quality of information in a site.  If the information is found lacking, abusive or weak, the algorithm then penalizes your site.  This means you may never show up on the search engine database, or if you do, the rank is extremely law.

There are two most common Google penalties.  These are:

Google Panda – This penalty deals with the quality of content in a website.  The panda algorithm checks your website content.  If the algorithm grades it as low and poor, the panda penalizes your entire site, assigning it a low content quality label.  This is a difficult penalty to beat as it is site wide.  You’ll notice your traffic reduces, stabilizing at a very low level.  No matter how well you optimize your page, they never seem to get ranked on the search engine.  When Google updates their algorithm as they always do, your ranking decreases even more.  To recover from a Panda penalty means redoing the entire site, from header, to the number of pages in the site, and adding quality content.  The Panda algorithm checks for content that is useful to users.  So, you must replace your old content with useful and informative content.  Redesign the entire site to recover.

Google Penguin – In terms of penalties, this is the second most talked about penalty.  The penguin algorithm penalizes single pages, instead of the entire site.  It also affects sites that use extreme link building plans.  If your content has links that seem forced and out of place, then the algorithm will automatically penalize that page.  You’ll find that a page with a certain keyword has suddenly dropped in terms of traffic and ranking.  This algorithm is meant to check search engine manipulation.  You only need to find that page, and redo the content to recover from the Penguin penalty.  If your page has dozens of links, remove links considered bad by Google.

Google penalty recovery takes attention and understanding what search engines are seeking.  They want fresh content that is useful and not overdone.

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